In The Flesh by V.J. Devereaux

Story: 6
Presentation: 8
Total: 14
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: Mikaela has daydreamed about movie star Travis Donovan since she was a teenager. One night she dreams about finding him unconscious behind his beach house. He awakes and kisses her. Mikaela just enjoys it as a magical moment that can never be real.

But Travis is dreaming about her too. He’s kissing a woman he’s never met, feeling happier than he’s ever been. Travis feels battered by his sagging career and an unexpected divorce but the effervescent woman in his dreams picks up his low spirits and seems to be bringing him good luck.

They share the same dreams. Every night they make love, feel the same erotic touches, taste the sweat on their skin as they explore each other’s bodies and soar together to heights of ecstatic bliss beyond anything either has ever experienced. Those dreams have become their reality. Now Travis wants it all, wants Mikaela—night and day. But there’s a shadow looming over her. He has to find her. Where is she? Is she even real?

Review: Did you read that blurb? Damn! I must confess that the blurb NAILS the plot head on…unfortunately I just didn’t dig the way it was written.

If you like lots and lots and lots and lots of hot sex then knock yourself out :) The sex rocked. For me, though, the constant switching of POV got to be way too much. There were times when the POV changed after just a couple of paragraphs…again and again.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have read other works by this author and enjoyed them immensely. I was just left in the dirt with this one. I got no real connection to the characters, no emotion, no ties, lots of sex.

And the sex? It was well written, descriptive and knock your socks off hot…and there’s plenty of it.

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V. J. Devereaux said...

Thanks for the honesty... seriously! I can't always write stories that everyone loves, but I can't get better without honest comments. And it's reassuring to know that not everyone gets a positive review, so when you do get the praise, you know it's for real.

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