Devils and Angels by Kate Richards

Story: 6
Presentation: 6
Total: 12
Publisher: Breathless Press
Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: Executive Cari Walsh has bad luck with men. Especially her most recent Internet guy. He's handsome—and unexpectedly married. But when Gabriel steps in to rescue her from the lying devil, Cari discovers her luck and her life are about to change for the good.
Review: I am a Kate Richards fan. I look forward to reading her work the second I see her name attached to the end of any review request. I know what to expect. To say that I was a little disappointed in this one might be putting it mildly.

CAUTION: Review may contain spoilers!!!!

I really liked the plot as a whole but had some issues with a few things. Aside from the fact that Gabriel (super hot sweetie) seems to just pop up in very odd places with no rhyme or reason. The blurb neglected to tell me that Cari gets pregnant by her ass of an ex so for the majority of the story she is expecting. While I thought it was sweet that Gabe wants to help her out…two virtual strangers (one of them pregnant) going to Vegas for a quicky marriage that she had no clue about until they were almost there and then she just kind of says….NO!!!!!!! eh well Ok since you are such a nice, hot guy and you seem to always be helping me when I really need it and find myself in a jam…Sure, I’ll marry you and you can be my baby daddy.

I kept wondering about to convenient times that Gabriel just appeared. It was almost like he was stalking her.

There were also some editing issues that I came across. Content warning on the website says that there is a m/f sexual relation first night meeting with a HEA….I didn’t find it. There were some timing issues here there and everywhere where one moment something happened then it happened at a different time.

The writing and descriptions in this one were good in true Ms Richards style but sadly the story just didn’t deliver for me in the end. I will be looking for the next work by Ms Richards as I know that this is not what I can normally expect from her.

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