Under Wraps by Emily Cale

Story: 8
Presentation: 7
Total: 15
Publisher: Evernight
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Blurb: For once, Dr. Aaron Prentiss' life is coming together. The arrival of a perfectly preserved mummy in his lab guarantees him tenure and a gorgeous woman is showing interest in him. Still, something seems out of place, mainly his mummy. Aaron doesn't believe in curses, but even he has his suspicions.

For Adriel, the time to convince Aaron that curses exist is short. Once every hundred years she gets a three day window to try and break free of her mummified body. She knows that Dr. Prentiss can solve the mystery, but can she convince him before time runs out?
Review: I thought that the plot was very inventive. I just wish the editing had been tighter. There were numerous missing punctuations through the story.

This was a cute, fast, short read that was just hot enough and just interesting enough for a quick romp. Not too much in depth detail that I struggled to keep up. A very pleasing shorty.

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