Through Neon Eyes 2: Control by Michael Barnette

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 8
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Shadowfire Press
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Blurb: David Jessman has found his lover, what he's lacking is control...

David Jessman has found his lover, what he's lacking is control of himself, the situation he's in and the blond gunwhore known to him only as Bells. Bad as that is for a man used to being in charge, he's finding that losing control may not be that terrible after all.

Review: Control begins where Zoner left off with no pause in the storyline. David and Bells are in bed and the smoking hot sex begins anew. These stories can best be described as intensely erotic BDSM sex with an intriguing plotline for backdrop. Control was more of Jessmen coming to terms with his needs and Bells acknowledging there is more than a contract between them.

Book Two enriches all we learned in Book One – Zoner. There is definitely the stirring of more than sex, and more than experiencing the Sweet Sisters of Pain and Pleasure. David and Bells are beginning to admit that they want more than a temporary contract. But there are still trust issues and secrets between them.

You don’t have the full story at the end of Control, but it was clearly the conclusion of another “act” in the story of David and Bells. Each story is building on the last, so these are best read in order. But read them because the series is unique and the books are well written with lots of hot sex that will make you sweat.

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M Barnette said...

Thanks again for another great review. I really appreciate all you do for both authors and publishers.

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