Let’s Get Physical by Jan Springer

Story: 5
Presentation: 8
Total: 13
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Erotic Ménage
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Blurb: When the local swingers’ club throws a Medical Fetish Night Before Xmas party for charity, Roxie learns that scrumptious blue-collar worker Evan Johnston will be playing doctor…

And he’s offering one lucky lady an erotic sexual exam—along with a sizzling ménage e trois.

Roxie is desperate to be his patient. There’s no better way to intimately know the guy who’s stolen her heart than by hopping on the gyno table for the hottest physical of her life.

Review: Not quite what I expected. Though to tell you the truth…I’m not sure what I expected.

The mechanics of the sex were hot and even though there were times when the dialogue was 70’s porno cheesy, it was okay. I guess maybe I expected something a little dirtier, grittier….naughtier than what I got. I barely got the gyno feel aside from the fact that she was on a gyno table and the men kept calling each other Doctor.

There was a part of me that, until the final scene, kept hearing porn music in my mind :) Berm-chicka-berm-berm. Roxie “creamed” a good bit, which is fine, but I could have used some other words as the descriptive rather than the same one over and over. Once the actual “sex” got going it was over pretty quick. The foreplay up until then was moderately arousing, but got doused quickly by the cheesy lines.

I think that the plot had great potential but just failed to deliver for me. Like I said, not really sure what I was expecting…but I didn’t get it. No tingles, twinges, tugs or necessary wetness when reading this one.

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