'Twas a Dark and Delicious Christmas: Manlove Edition

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Erotic M/M Romance Anthology
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Blurb: Where stockings are hung with condoms and lubrication, Christmas is the season for manly fornication. Santa is wishing for a gift of his own, while his devious little Elves eagerly bump and groan. Ribbons and bells are hung with care, in the hope that orgasmic cheers fill the air.

‘Tis Christmas for all and to all, goodnight, may you be granted the gift of sexual delight.

His Heart’s Desire by J.P Barnaby
I felt that the first story in the anthology had more in the way of character development. The erotic aspects of the story really do give more depth to the reasons Matthew and Luca give up so much in the end to be together. The problem was, I kept getting thrown back and forth between past memories, future wishes and present time. I’d keep reading not sure where I was but liking the story anyway. There is a lot of foundation given to get to the end, but it does make for an entertaining read.

Santa’s Helper by C. Beaumont

Great sex, fast pace, hot men and entertaining. For this alone, the anthology is worth picking up, but the other two stories are good as well. I will say that Simon was a bit of a doormat in some places but he’s so damn loveable, I didn’t care. The story isn’t heavy on plot, but has enough substance that it isn’t just a lot of sex…even though it has a lot of curl-the-toes sex.

Tricksy the Christmas Elf by Troy Storm

This story had a bit of grit. It’s crass and vulgar in the most deliciously naughty way. There was a bit of retelling on the story through both characters POV which dragged the story down a bit. But it quickly picks back up. With all the festive descriptions, you can’t help but smile.

Sexy and so very naughty, this is a great holiday anthology.

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