To Love a Thief by Cherie DeSues

Story: 6.5 Presentation: 8.5
Total: 15
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Romantic Suspense
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Blurb: Jewels of the Night Series

When a beautiful thief steals the French Blue diamond from security expert Nick Corelli's personal Pandora safe, his only lead is the sensual minx who was his dinner companion just hours before.

But no one is who they pretend to be, as Nick learns when he discovers a gut-wrenching betrayal and forms an unlikely alliance with a family of thieves. Following more twists and turns than an Italian country road, Nick risks his own reputation and family business in the name of love.

Or is it? Once her family is safe, will the elusive Clarisse decide to vanish with both the diamond and his heart, leaving him behind amid the ruins?

Review: Nick is in the business of providing security for very valuable items. His company has the latest in high tech gadgets. In this story his Pandora Corporation is protecting a rare large blue diamond.

Clarisse, her sister, and their triplet brother, and other family members work for insurance companies stealing back and returning stolen items for a finder's fee. They also use a lot of high tech security in their escapades. They need to get the diamond and exchange it for their kidnapped brother.

This short story is full of action, hot cars and even hotter motorcycles zooming around at top speeds. There are some hot encounters between Nick and Clarisse and the ending was not what I expected.

There is something for everyone in this short tale; action, romance, beautiful clothing, fancy balls, and exotic settings in and around Rome and The Mediterranean Sea.

It is good exciting reading for a short 'escape from the dull routine of everyday life. Read, relax and enjoy.

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Chérie De Sues said...

Thank you for the kind words about "To Love A Thief"! I really enjoyed writing this story placing the characters in Roma, Italy. Wonderful. I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie, I write like I play. I hope readers buckle up when they open this story!

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