Doing Logan by Rhian Cahill

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 8
Total: 15.5
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: Logan has been in love with Meredith for as long as he can remember. Seeing her with another had been its own brand of torture, but now that she’s free, nothing can stop him from claiming what is rightfully his.

The magnetism of Logan has never been lost on Meredith, but crossing the line between friend and lover scares her, even after dumping her slimeball ex. When Logan kisses her, an attraction like she’s never known ignites, sweeping her into an affair she can’t walk away from.

As Logan fights to win her heart, Meredith wages a battle of her own. Is she willing to admit her interest stretches way beyond merely doing Logan?

Review: I am a sucker for friends to lovers stories. Always have been.

This shorty was filled with emotion, hurt and passion...a LOT of passion. I really enjoyed the growth and steps these two friends take in their relationship. The sex was hot and there was a whole bunch of it. As far as EC Quickies go it was pretty good. But as with so many short stories I felt there wasn't enough time devoted to the emotional side of the story and maybe a bit too much to the sexual side. Not that sex is a bad thing, it just seemd at times like that's all that I was reading.

That being said I was very pleased with the author and her ability to create such achingly real emotions in the characters and situations that I, as the reader, felt to my bones. Nicely Done :)

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Billi Jean said...

Loved this hot read. Rhian is a must buy for me now. She always knows how to stir up the heat and take me away from the day to day blah!!! Love her work.

:) billi jean

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