Pirate Holiday by Kate Richards

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Breathless Press
Contemporary Holiday
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Blurb: Aboard the Pirate Lady, Christmas is not looking too merry. Clara tries to lift her spirits with a little holiday baking, but until tattooed rocker Hot Jack Slick, traveling incognito, arrives on the scene, it looks like Clara's not going to find any spirit in her holidays.

Jack is about to find out that this is one lady pirate who isn't impressed by fame and fortune and never dates guys in bands. It's going to take Santa Claus and all his helpers to help Jack break the ice that surrounds this very lovely lady's heart. And even then, it will be a stretch to make it to her bedroom before Christmas morning dawns.

Review: OMG!! I have never heard of using pirate terms and ocean references to refer to sex but okay…and while being skewered isn’t a pleasant visual for forking it did get the point across and for that I have to say BRAVO!!! Too many times, as an avid reader, I see the same words used to descried sex. Thrusting, pushing, bucking, sliding…you get the idea, and while this one did contain many of those the use of seldom used descriptive words made it pretty nifty IMHO.

Now, for the story…I really liked it. Short and to the point. A good plot with nice follow through. Well Done!!!


Kate Richards said...

Thanks so much for reviewing my book. I'm glad you liked it!

Valerie Mann said...

That was the funniest review I ever read! It made me laugh outright and I'm glad the reviewer got what Kate Richards was trying to say with her piratisms.

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