Outside Sanctuary by Cyna Kade

Story: 6
Presentation: 8
Total: 14
Publisher: Ellora’s cave
Paranormal Erotic BDSM
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Blurb: Book 2 in the Power and Pain series

Stephen just needs a little time to himself. He’s tired of sharing every emotion with everyone in Sanctuary. He longs for privacy so he leaves the clan enclave. When Stephen is attracted to a human woman who likes rough sex, he decides to ignore all the rules he’s been taught.

Darla stands tied to a tree at an isolated campsite. She’s always longed to explore her dark side with a strong, dominant man. Stephen is sexy as hell, but he’s hard and controlling. She’s starting to question her decision to meet him in this isolated spot. He might be more than she can handle.

Stephen knows it’s dangerous, but really, this is something he does very well. What could be the harm in fulfilling Darla’s BDSM fantasies? He just has to maintain control of his powerful sexuality—not go too far—and he can show her how a little pain can enhance her pleasure.

Review: OK, where should I begin? Is this one hot? Smokin’. Is it full of rough sex? You bet your ass. Was it a bit confusing? Well……

So Darla likes it rough and so does he…only he isn’t human and knows that human women aren’t strong enough to take it from his kind. At one point he even thinks to himself that he is willing to have sex with her even if she gets hurt. And she does. Then comes the end and the story just kind of stops. No HEA (but as an exotika that should be expected) no explanations. Nothing.

Now I know what you are thinking. Geez, tell me the good stuff. Right? The sex was vivid and the first and last encounter were well done. The main sexcapade was rough. Not just spank me baby rough but really really rough. My main issue was I felt like I didn’t get the whole story. That I was seeing just a smidge and nothing more. A hot and rough sexual encounter and nothing more. I really didn’t know enough to get attached or connected with the characters.

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