Naughty Can Be Nice by Cynthia Selwyn

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 7.5
Total: 15
Publisher: Breathless Press
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Blurb: Legal guardian Brenna O’Brien didn’t expect to become a single mom, especially of seven-year-old twins with troubles. What she needs is a good dose of sexual pleasure to swipe all her emotional burdens away.

Kris Kringle, Jr. doesn’t want to fill in for his dad. But when he meets a lovely lady at a Christmas party, he changes his mind; he wouldn’t mind filling her…stocking.

One wish is all it takes for the sexy Santa she met to appear in her living room, wearing nothing but his boots, his red velvet hat and a silver bow. Because at Christmas, all heartfelt wishes can come true.

Review: I love Christmas stories. There is just something about them that really gets me…in the mood :o So I am sure that you are wondering why this tempting, teasing, pleasing little read didn’t get a better score…right?

It is personal preference. Which is what reading and reviews are all about. I loved the idea for the story. It was GREAT!!!! And had it not been erotic this one would have scored much higher…or had the story not had such a strong child presence. I love stories with kids…I am just not sure that they really belong in erotic stories. But again that is just me.

So, aside from that, I think that the imagination and creativity of the story was phenomenal and I can totally see this author as one of my “gotta read” authors. This author really pulled out the stops and crafted a really fun, cute and heartwarming Christmas love story.

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Cynthia Selwyn said...

Thank you for the lovely review. :)

Can I be honest? Yeah, I thought the juxtaposition of hot sex and little kids at Christmas was a bit oogy, myself, even as I wrote it. It's almost like two stories rolled into one.

But you can't have Christmas without miracles, and what's so miraculous about great sex? Don't answer that. (All I can think of is that Viva Viagra commercial...)

Anyhow, thank you for the great review and I'm glad you'll be looking to read more of my books. (Which is good--shameless plug--I've got two more coming out in 2011, with Breathless. )

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