Montana Belle by Linda Morris

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Spicy Historical
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Blurb: Sent to Boston for a proper education after her mother's death, Augusta Springer loves her cultured life there, helping the headmistress and planning a teaching career. But when her brother dies unexpectedly, she is summoned home by her headstrong father and ordered to marry the only man for whom she has ever cared— Joshua Bradley.

Joshua has planned for years to win Augusta's heart. Building a life to share with her has been his ultimate goal, but she has learned to despise ranch life and all that goes with it. Can he persuade this independent woman to stay and share the dreams he has for both of them?

Review: You know…I love a good western historical. There is just something about them that sparks something deep in my soul. This story with its simple plot was really good. Though there were times when it felt a bit more like a regency set story than one taking place in the late 1800’s in Montana, I still enjoyed it.

The characters popped, the descriptions were vivid and the love was sparkling. A well done story no doubt and one that makes me want to see what else this author has to offer :)

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