Lady Clarissa’s Seduction by Scarlett Scott

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Historical
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Blurb: Lady Clarissa Darlington is shocked to discover her wastrel father has gambled away the family’s meager fortune. When notorious gaming hell baron Pierce Foster arrives on her doorstep to collect payment, she’s even more shocked at the passion he awakens within her. Abandoned by her father, Clarissa falls headlong into Pierce’s arms and succumbs to his daring seduction. Her nights with him become a blur of intense desire as he brings her innocent body to life.

But as deception threatens to tear them apart, Clarissa must uncover some long-kept secrets and decide whether or not she can entrust her heart in the hands of her lover forever.

Review: While I felt that Clarissa gave in rather easily to Pierce, I still really liked this story. I choked with emotion near the start. Ms Scott really did a good job conveying the sentiment and feelings that a dark time could and would bring on.

The sex was hot and there was just enough of it to be good but not too much that I felt like that was all I was reading. A good read that I am sure I will revisit more than once :)

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