Love Bites by Scarlet Blackwell

Story: 5
Presentation: 7
Total: 12
Publisher: Evernight
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Blurb: Sebastien, a French vampire, has lived with the murder of his true love for three hundred years. Now there’s someone new on the scene, someone who looks very much like his dead love. Did she somehow survive? Has she been reincarnated? He won’t stop until he finds out exactly who she is.

Alex, a blonde and beautiful woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, is followed one night by a mysterious man. Their chemistry is undeniable, and despite the realization he wants her because she looks like someone from his past, she finds herself naked and beneath him.

Soon, Alex is visited by a member of the mysterious Council, one who threatens to end her life. Can Sebastien save her, or will she meet the same fate Eloise did three hundred years ago?
Review: While I thought the premise was cute, I felt that the hero’s sexually aggressive behavior in the beginning was a bit over the top and the rate in which the heroine falls in love was a bit fast. I know, the word is fiction, but I had a hard time buying some of the aspects of the story.

There were a few editing issues, but aside from that I have to say that the author really did a great job in the descriptions. Like I said, my main issue wasn’t with the authors ability to pen a well painted tale but with the motivation of the characters. Here you have a vamp who is basically stalking a woman who looks like his dead lover. He confronts her, she tells him to go away but he won’t…then they are having sex. When she wakes she realizes he bit her. She tells him to get out and goes to take a shower. He comes to the shower and they do it…a couple times. He leaves and a bad guy tells her she needs to stay away from the hero or he will die. Hero comes back that night and she tells him. He gets mad and they kill the bad guy and live happily ever after.

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