Inside Sanctuary by Cyna Kade

Story: 6.5
Presentation: 8
Total: 14.5
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Paranormal Erotic BDSM
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Blurb: Book 3 in the Power and Pain series.

Stephen has decided to return to Sanctuary before his libido rages out of control and somebody gets hurt. Then he sees Mary and they share a vision, which means she could be his mate. He’s delighted. She’s not. Mary just wants a ride to Sanctuary, not a ride on Stephen.
Once there, he is determined to find out what she’s hiding. Why insist on visiting the most dominant sex enclave in the world if you’re not ready to submit? Stephen pushes until Mary finally admits why she’s denying her true nature—she is so powerful she burned out her last lover. She’s fearful Stephen isn’t strong enough to control her.

But Stephen was born for this…and for this woman. He’s ready to show her just how far a truly dominant man can take her.

Review: This is the third in this series but only the second one that I have read. While I found this one better than #2, (Outside Sanctuary) I was still amazed at the amount of over the top domination that for me bordered on abusive.

Unlike #2, this one ends with a Happy ending for the characters which redeemed them somewhat for me, but I still didn’t totally dig the hero. I enjoy a good BDSM and a hot alpha man, but this series just didn’t work for me.

On the up side, the author really has a gift when it comes to her ability to paint a vivid, emotion filled story that allows the reader to feel what’s going on. I think that I would like to read more from her before I put her on an auto buy list.

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