Eternal by Zachary Wild

Story: 4
Presentation: 8
Total: 12
Publisher: Seventh Window Publications
Gay male paranormal
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Blurb: Victor Diaz has been walking the Earth for centuries, alone and empty. The loss of his lover to an angry mob is his last human memory. And now, on a dark city street Victor finds the one man who could be the reincarnation of his dead lover. Could this be a second chance? If it is, Victor will not let anything get in the way of rekindling their love.

Caution: The vampires in Eternal are the old fashioned type vampires and not the more modern vampires depicted in most romances published today. This story contains blood.

Review: Sadly this book failed to deliver for me. It had an exciting opening but quickly fell apart. Victor is perfectly dark and yet wickedly alluring and Dylan is brushed upon as a character, but I failed to connect to either of them. At times, I was confused and the confusion mounted. The author wasn’t able to bring me back in.

There was some incredible hot erotic sex, but by the end, I was not satisfied with the story. There are many unanswered questions and although Victor is a dark, menacing character, his deception of Dylan and his friend did not give him a redeeming quality. For those who like edgy, dark vampire stories with blood with their bite, this will have some appeal. For those looking for a connection to the characters, this one needed more pages to be realized.

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