Diamond in the Snow by Diana Hunter

Story: 5
Presentation: 8
Total: 13
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Erotic BDSM
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Blurb: When a sudden snowstorm unexpectedly gives her the afternoon off from school, all Carolyn Brooks intends is a night at home grading papers. But when her car slides off the road, Paul Anderson—the arrogant but gorgeous head of the English department—rescues her. He takes her to his home, and Carolyn finds herself drawn to this modern knight.

But Paul is sure the petite schoolteacher is too delicate for his particular desires. He’s not the White Knight she imagines…his tastes run much darker.

Publisher’s Note: Originally available in the Diamond Studs anthology.
Review: Not sure that I find the reference to smelly panties sexy, but different strokes and all, right? Not quite sure I buy the, “we-don’t-really-know-each-other-but-I-think-I-am-falling-in-love-with-you, no-wait-I-do-love-you” especially when nothing in the story hints that these two have more than a passing knowledge of each other because they work for the same school district. That and the fact that the hero continues to think he is strange because of his sexual desires and the heroine is always having to assure him it's okay to want to dominate.

I had a hard time relating to the characters and the speed in which the fell into a D/s relationship. While the authors’ ability to craft a vivid tale was wonderful, this story just didn’t work all that much for me. Granted the sexual scenes were hot but I got a little burned out on the exclamation points and him counting to 3 so she could come.

All in all, this just wasn’t a book for me.

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