A Christmas Wish by Susan Lyons

Story: 7
Presentation: 7
Total: 14
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
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Blurb: Everything's gone wrong for Carrie this Christmas Eve, so it's no surprise the mall's Santa has already left when she and her four-year-old daughter Tanya arrive. But Carrie's luck turns and the man in the red suit returns. Will Santa--a.k.a. Nicholas--be the answer to Tanya's Christmas wish for a new daddy?

Review: This short and sweet holiday story is well written. The dialog realistic, the characters were charming, but just a little over the top in believability. Carrie was a bit reckless in her behavior. But it’s a Christmas story and a time to believe there is good in all people. In this case, Carrie met wonderful strangers and the end promises that Tanya may just get her Christmas wish.

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