Bad Candy by Katica Locke

Story: 7
Presentation: 8
Total: 15
Publisher: Shadowfire Press
m/m erotic paranormal
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Blurb: Ethan has had a crush on his best friend for years, but Brody has been away at college, making it easy for Ethan to keep his feelings a secret. When Brody comes home and talks Ethan into reliving the ‘good old days' of their carefree youth by stealing some kid's Halloween candy, they wind up in a cemetery with a bulging bag of sweets. Only thing...they picked the wrong kid to mess with.

Ethan never expected coming out to be easy, but that turns out be the least of his concerns. Will a wild romp in the cemetery with a horny demon be the start of something great, or will it cost him his best friend?

Review: I was initially put off by this story. I don’t want to read erotic fiction where the characters are still in high school. Brody is older but Ethan is a senior in high school. A bit farther into the story, I was able to put his youth aside, because he is the more mature of the two men. Although the blurb says Brody and Dustin steal candy, I didn’t realize they were going to be such asses. I almost couldn’t like them after that. However, the story takes a sharp turn and they get a bit of payback. The sex is crazy and hot. Ethan and Brody reveal insecurities. And now I was reading a story that I found entertaining.

Once the hot…and scary…encounter happens at the cemetery, the pace of the story slows. Ethan and Brody struggle with what happens and need to discover if what happened truly revealed what they felt between them. The story ends with a promise that these two will be exploring their relationship.

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