Reluctant Father by Margaret Tanner

Story: 5
Presentation: 9.5
Total: 14.5
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Recent Historical
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Blurb: Jordan Stamford is allergic to babies. At the height of the Vietnam war, this jet-setting playboy, whose motto is ‘money can buy anything,’ arrives in Sarah Watson’s seaside home to redevelop a disused factory complex.

Sarah is the only child of an elderly minister of religion and adores her bay side home. She yearns for a loving husband and babies.

Will Jordan’s shameful family history, and Sarah’s desperate longing for a child, be an insurmountable barrier for them to overcome?

WARNING****This review contains spoilers****

Review: The opening pages were attention grabbing. A crying/screaming baby and Jordan Stamford, who has a phobia about screaming babies, can't get away. He feared having children because “with his family history, he was genetically predisposed to reject his offspring."

Sarah Watson meets him at a church bazaar where he overhears her talking about him. His response was, "Don't let me interrupt your character assassination."

After the initial opening, I had to struggle to fight my way through this story.

Jordan is a very wealthy business man who has plans to raze her neighborhood and an inlet and construct a ritzy high rise complex for rich people. He is an extreme male chauvinist who is interested in women for one thing only - sex. In their first romantic encounter, he asks her to spend the night and he will "buy her anything she likes." Later, his response when Sarah tells him he put a mark on her shoulder, his response was "I always put a brand on my women". He had a horrible childhood, but eventually took over his father's company and made millions.

Sarah is a sweet, innocent virgin who lives with her old-fashioned father who is the priest for the local church. (Obviously not a Catholic church)

As their romance continues, she is in love and has romantic hopes, while he is interested only in bedding the naive country woman.

The plot goes from Sarah being sweet and innocent to giving Jordan excellent "blow jobs'.

The story becomes sickeningly overly syrupy sweet. He is a "fiercely masculine man: and "she melts into his arms. When she tells him she is pregnant, he doesn't even give her a chance to explain that antibiotics had interfered with the birth control pills she had been taking. Jordan called Sarah a "lying, conniving bitch" and tells her "I'm going down to the gym for a while - don't be here when I get back".

It is only after she has the baby and Jordan finds out he has fathered a son, is he interested in having anything to do with Sarah. At that point, he has a miraculous change of heart about babies. So he decides he wants to marry Sarah.

And they lived happily ever after.

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