One Night at the Beach by Kate Richards

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Contemporary romance, erotica
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Blurb: A rejuvenating moonlit stroll into passion, love and reunion.

After a bad break-up, Andi sets off to find herself, only to come across the one man whose opinions and friendship had mattered most in the past—if only she hadn’t destroyed their relationship from their last meeting.

Sam has waited years for Andi to come back to him. She was his best friend, his love, but he’d never told her how deep his feelings ran, until their paths crossed once again on a moonlit beach. Will the chemistry between them be enough to overcome the reason they parted in the first place?

Review: What I loved most about this story was how deeply I was able to get to know the characters in just a few pages. The story builds gradually, investing your emotions so that when the sex finally happens, you feel every breathless tummy tug, every ache for these two people to get a chance at something they’d missed out on when they were younger. One Night at the Beach had all the wonderful qualities of a reunited lovers story, although Andi and Sam had never had their chance at love until now. This is a great little love story between two people. You get vivid imagery, memorable characters and an ending with hot sex that will have you feeling the passion along with the characters.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful review for this special story. Thank you very much.

Heather Bennett
Decadent Publishing
www decadentpublishing com

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