I Didn’t Hear Anything by Jenni Holbrook

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Spicy Paranormal Halloween
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Blurb: Courtney Nash wants one thing and one thing only – her soul-mate. However, getting Chief Owen McNally’s attention isn’t is easy as she thought it would be. With a little help from her dead grandmother, a few love potions, and some pesky raccoons, Courtney sets out to get her man.

Owen isn’t overly fond of Halloween. Something bad always happens and this year would be no exception. But Owen isn’t prepared for the return of his high school sweet heart, or the voice in the back of his mind telling him Courtney is the woman of his dreams. Especially when that voice sounds hauntingly like Courtney’s late grandmother.

Review: I love, love, loved it :) Cute, spicy and laugh out loud funny in so many spots.

A totally great little love story with just enough spooky and ghosty to make it cool. Full of emotion that was so tangible it almost jumped off the page. There really isn’t anything that I didn’t like about this one. These two are meant for each other but he just hasn’t accepted it yet. With a little help from Grandma and a few pesky bandits, love shines through. Ahhhh I love it when that happens :)

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