Devon's Dream by Anne Ashby

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 18.5
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
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Blurb: Time reveals all secrets.

Single mum Devon fled Auckland as a pregnant teenager and made a life for herself and her daughter, Trix, in Australia. With her musical career blossoming their future is set. But a car accident while visiting Auckland puts Devon in intensive care and she awakens to learn she has sent Trix to her father. Ignorant of Trix's existence, widowed Rick is bewildered and angry at losing twelve years of his daughter’s life. He will not be denied another day with Trix.

Trix loves being part of an extended family. To her mother’s consternation she tricks Devon into accepting an invitation to stay at Rick’s house after release from hospital but will her plan work? Could her scheming bring her parents together?
Review: The heroine, Devon Smith. a friend of Rick's sister "disappeared somewhere into the ether about ten years ago." She is introduced in a hospital in New Zealand, in a coma and awakens from a coma about half way through the story. There are a multitude of multi-generational characters in this story that deals with love and relationships between parents, siblings, friends, ( both female/female and male/female) old romances, parents/children, parents/grown children and almost every other combination you might think of.There is jealousy and and there are disagreements and misunderstandings. This is a cross-section of family life and its problems and rewards. The half-siblings are trying to get parents together again. An older parent is dealing with the ill health and possible death of a spouse.

The story was well written, with many 'Down Under' phrases that made me really enjoy the telling of this story. Phrases like"All Black" when referring to the aborigine population, "groggle box" is a TV, "Not on your Nellie" as an equivalent to the American phrase "not on your life, "mum" for Mom and many more.

There were only a few typos that caught my attention; for instance, "Rick hastily shook HER head." But not enough to detract from the telling of the story.

I look forward to re-reading this charming story, and to reading more of this writer's works.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, but there are no aborigines in this story. "All Black" refers to the National Rugby Team. Their uniforms are all black, except for a silver fern.

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