Trix by Julian Dane and AJ Hardcourt

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Demanding Romance
gay contemporary erotic
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Blurb: Trix is tall, beautiful…and a man. But tonight that doesn’t seem to matter to Eli Harris. But what will happen in the morning when Eli must face the truth? Was it Trix…or the man beneath the dress and makeup that made Eli’s cock hard and his heart pound?

Review: Though AJ Hardcourt never fails to deliver a well written, character driven read, kudos to newcomer, Julian Dane. The cover of Trix caught my eye right away and the blurb intrigued. Neither disappointed.

Straight men are Trigg’s weakness and his next door neighbor, Eli, is no exception. Quite the opposite. But the risk of their friendship prevents Trigg from acting on his feelings. Not entirely comfortable with Trigg’s lifestyle, Eli surprises himself when he accepts an invitation to Trigg’s Halloween party. More surprising is his attraction to Trix—Trigg in drag.

Short but not lacking, Trix is fast paced, with just the right balance of humor (loved Sheela) added to an otherwise heart-tugging story. Definitely a keeper.

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