Black Male by Evelynne Fox

Story 7.5
Presentation 9
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Hot Tropica Books
M/m, Vampire, Interracal
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Blurb: Blackmailed by a human.

And it had to be a human, because no one else would be so stupid. It seemed impossible and yet the three pictures that came with the letter clearly came from someone truly ignorant to what Alexander Kohler was or what he was capable of. Evidently his years with a blood source and his Cajun lover had made him soft as a mercenary vampire.

But after 30 days without blood and losing his lover, he was feeling just a little cranky.

Jack is working as a freelance photographer and barely scraping by, when he stumbles on a murder scene. He doesn’t know the black male dumping gasoline on the body or why he would want to hide the evidence of a murder, but he does know this man will pay a lot of money to get the pictures back. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime—or the chance to get himself killed.

Review: There was so much about this story I loved. The opening had mystery and suspense. A middle filled with drama and an end with hot sex and a hint of more naughty things to come. Jack is inexperienced with male relationships but he knows that’s where he’s headed when he meets the captivating Alexander. Alexander is the mystery in the story. There was a lot eluded to in the blurb that I didn’t see come though the story, but what is there was very entertaining.

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