A Purrfect Love by Patti Fischer

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Sweet Contemporary
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Blurb: CAT ON A MISSION... Molly, a black Persian cat, has a few tricks in mind when she goes on a mission to bring together a couple who are just purrfect for each other.

LADY ON A LEDGE... Last thing Marisa Hamilton needs is her cat going out onto the window ledge. Dressed in a skimpy Halloween costume, Marisa chases after her cat, only to lose her footing.

HUNK TO THE RESCUE... New next door neighbor, Ben Singer, comes to Marisa’s rescue and offers her coffee and a chance to recover from her ordeal. More than coffee sizzles between them. Will their chance encounter result in A Purrfect Love?

Review: A delightfully sweet read that was made even cuter because of the cat.

I think most of us have had days where anything and everything that can go wrong…..does. And it goes wrong with a bang! Molly is a way too funny cat hell bent on getting a man for her mistress. The way she does it? Yeah, it’s something only a cat would do :) Cute, quick and entertaining, it was just right for a break in a stress filled day. Exactly what I needed :) And it totally got me in the mood to dress up for Halloween.

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