Bewitched by Fate by Lee Morrison

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Sweet Paranormal
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Blurb: After five years of seclusion on Earth, Lucas Black, a warlock of living legendary status, realizes he can no longer deny his daughter her heritage, and agrees to return to Leto Island for the annual Halloween Festival. What he didn’t count on, was coming face to face with Ashley Stevens, the enchanting witch who began haunting his dreams a year ago. Will Lucas accept his fate with grace this time around? Or will he return to Earth and close the door forever?

Review: This sweet shorty was a feel-good read that not only has a great witchy feel but shows that there is love…after love.

I connected with the characters and his hesitation about a new relationship. The emotions were tangible and well written. A good all around read for everyone :)

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