One Halloween evening by Susan Lyons

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Sweet Contemporary
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Blurb: Widowed Lynne is in a new town and so far her social life has revolved around her son and his family. She’s nervous about meeting new people but when her well-intentioned daughter-in-law arranges an invitation to a costume party, and even provides her with an escort, how can she say no? After all, it’s only one evening out of her life. But what an amazing evening it turns out to be – an evening that has her imagining all sorts of new possibilities.

Review: This little Halloween tale was really sweet.

Two people, pretty new in town, get set up to go to a party together. Both older, her a widow and him divorced. A really cute, sweet tale about the possibility of love at any age. Nothing too deep, just a really cute story.

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