Learning How to Bend by Wendi Zwaduk

Story 7.5
Presentation 8
Total: 15.5
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: Their marriage is about to fall apart, but not if she can help it and he's willing to bend.

Abby Donovan imagined nothing could change her simple life as a librarian. Her loving husband Seth, a mechanic in the Air National Guard, is scheduled to return from a short deployment in Iraq. Before he gets home, a letter arrives. It seems Seth is asking for a divorce. She must decide whether to walk away without a fight or to wait and confront him with the thing he's always dreamed of - a ménage à trois. But all is not as it seems.

Seth Donovan wanted an idyllic life to go along with his career in the military. Then he sees the atrocities of war firsthand. A conversation with a colleague ends up as fodder for the rumor mill and so much more. Seth never wanted a divorce. He wants his wife. Will she accept him despite the rumors and advances from another man? Or can their relationship withstand the turmoil of war?

Review: Ms. Zwaduk has a smooth writing style. The words flow together and create vivid imagery and interesting characters. Learning How To Bend had all the components for a spicy erotic tale. Lust, betrayal, remorse, forgiveness. I enjoyed the story and I thought the technical points—the dialog, descriptions and such, were flawless. But there were moments I didn’t like the characters. Some aspects just didn’t seem to fit with the overall puzzle. We know both characters are hurting. They both feel betrayed and they both wish the circumstances of their relationship were better. All this was great. I felt their pain and confusion and also the longing for both what they’d lost and what they could still have if either would “learn how to bend”. Great title by the way, Ms. Zwaduk.

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Wendi Zwaduk said...

Great review. They were hard characters to write and emotions to convey. I'm glad you liked it.


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