Into the flames by Morgan Lee

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Demanding Romance
Contemporary Erotic M/M
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Blurb: Gabe Moretti is reckless and daring. But Captain John De Luca isn't interested in hot as hell firefighters who charge into flames…regardless that it was to save his sorry ass. Only Gabe isn't as rash as John believes. His motivation for risking his life is personal…sexual. He's fallen for the captain and sets out to convince John that some chances are worth taking.

Review: Stories like this one really get me. I really like the “I want you but I shouldn’t”. Always have. But when you throw hot, sexy firemen into the mix? YEAH BABY!!!

A super hot shorty with lots of great sex, it’s hard to beat this combination. Powerful, primal with enough emotion that it really brings the characters to life. Makes them real. **SNAPS** for Morgan :)


KyAnn said...

loved this story. hot manlove

Demanding Romance said...

congratulations on the great review Morgan.

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