Dead Souls by Varian Krylov

Story: 7
Presentation: 8
Total: 15
Publisher: eXcessica
Erotic Horror
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Blurb: Paul calls the shots. His friends know it. His son knows it. And his women know it--all of them, except Lena. With the return of the delicate Russian waif he'd used up and cast off years before, Paul's control and his sanity begin slipping away. Even when friends start to disappear and die, Paul can't possibly imagine the dark power the wraith Lena wields, or the horrifying revenge she has in store for him.

Warnings: This title contains scenes of rape, oral sex, M/M sex, and anal sex.

Review: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!! While this short story will really make you think it is violent, graphic and filled to the brim with scenes that will make you cringe from their reality.

I found myself welling up with the knowledge that things like this occur every day. I was repulsed, shocked, saddened, horrified, disturbed.

Brilliantly written for such a dark story. Though not one I would normally read for fun, I think that stories like this do have a place in the world. Not only as horror but to bring light to subjects that most people may not know much about, especially the horrors that surround them.

Ms Krylov, my hats off to you for penning such a tale that while it may not fit for a lot of folks, I applaud you in your ability to pen a story about such a “real” horror.

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