Bound to Surrender by Tess Lamont

Story: 6
Presentation: 9
Total: 15
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: Though single motherhood taught Christina Welch ruthless self-denial, in her heart she secretly craves a man who'll drive her wild in bed. Now that her son is spending the summer with his father, she can't keep her mind off the one man who haunts her dreams--her son's baseball coach.

Bryce Walker lusts after the sexy librarian who never missed her son's home games. Respect and caution held him back, but every time she peeks at him under her lashes, instinct tells him she needs what he has to offer.

When Bryce meets Christina by chance on her birthday, desire smolders hotter than the early summer heat wave. He buys her ice cream, but they both know only one thing will cool them down. As Bryce leads Christina into a world of sensual pain and pleasure, she discovers heights of emotion she never knew existed. She learns to trust Bryce with her body, but can she trust him with her heart? Summer doesn't last forever...

Review: Christina and Bryce want each other that much is very clear but each has reservations about taking the next step.

This shorty had a fine premise and good characters who were likeable and relatable. The sex was hot and frequent all the way through. The BDSM element was tame enough that I could believe a first timer participating in it. Ms Lamont did a fine job keeping the story titillating. The story for me was a little less of an attention grabber. While good, the plot itself just didn’t keep me. There was technically nothing wrong with the plot, but it wasn’t spectacular for me either.

They moved from “we shouldn’t do this” to “let’s go to a sex shop and a hotel”  and “I think I’m falling for you” pretty quick. While I can’t be for sure of the time line in which the story took place it seemed fast. Ms Lamont did address this issue at the end when the characters go on their first “date”.

Like I said, I am not really sure when this one didn’t resonate with me.

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