Trey #3 by Bryl R. Tyne

Story 8.5
Presentation 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Noble Romance
Contemporary M/M/M Erotic Romance
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Blurb: Trey wants his job.

Drew wants Trey.

Travon wants them both, but must avoid the law.

When boyfriend Drew and twice a month fuck buddy Travon decide to go in together on a local Las Cruces pawnshop heist, neither expects to find Trey working behind the counter. Funny, both Drew and Travon figured the accountant-degree-holding Trey to be a safe bet. Both are fiercely protective. None expected to meet.

With the loot bagged, the ironic love triangle exposed, and the cops on the way, what's there to do but drag Trey along for the ride?

Trey discovers sometimes choosing between the lesser of two evils is all but impossible.

Review: Get a tall glass of something cold before beginning this story. There is no warm up. It’s straight into hotter-than-hell, rough and gritty, OMG, sex! Bryl has such a raw way with words. It’s edgy and hot and damn, but I felt each word in all the places I’m supposed to when reading erotic fiction. This story was a pleasure to read. The characters were distinct. I adored Trey from the beginning. Drew had potential and I thought Travon had all the makings of a jerk. As the events unfold, the relationships change and truths are revealed. The plot was fast and the twists and turns kept me scrolling through the pages. The writing has an edge of humor, which I loved. The sex is hot, the risks are high, and in the end, I found that I’d become invested with all three characters. And Travon surprised me the most. This story had everything I love in a hot short story. A definite story to recommend.

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Brita Addams said...

I couldn't agree more with this review about this book and all of Bryl Tyne's books. He is a wonderful writer and image creator. I'd highly recommend this book and get his backlist while you're at it. Simply the best.

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