Serendipity by Mallory Path

Story 8
Presentation 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Silver
Contemporary Gay (M/M) Romance
Silver Publishing
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Blurb: Jake Brown has always been content with his life on the family farm.

When he learns his rock idol, the legendary Russ London, is making a tour stop nearby, Jake sneaks off to the city, planning a simple night of music and fun--but everything changes when a chance encounter in a coffee shop brings him face to face with Russ London himself.

Review: Super hot- super fun. Jake gets the opportunity to screw his idol. The setup, while a bit cliché, worked. Happenstance encounters are great. I love instant attraction and power of lust. The story had a nice pace. The action and dialog was a pleasure to read. The sex scenes were hot. Although a few times, I had to remind myself that Jake was over the age of consent. His character occasionally comes off as juvenile. This story is an erotically graphic, turn-up-the-heat read, but it’s also a stranger hookup. A fantasy encounter. I wish Jake would have worn a rubber. It made me pause in the story. However, I set aside that, I was able to lose myself in the story again and enjoy it. It’s a short story and had all the components for a naughty way to spend a bit of my afternoon

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