Reese’s Peace by Julie Kimball

Story 8
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Blurb: Reese Lindsey doesn't have time for anything but work and renovating her house, especially dating. When Chase Boyd steps into her life, things change instantly. He's charming, handsome and really smart but his job doesn't intrigue her. Men of her past, including her father, haven't proved to handle the fame of the medical field, therefore Reese avoids male medical personnel.

Several embarrassing moments, as well as bad luck, cause Reese and Chase to cross paths. Maybe she's starting to change her mind about him. Can Reese make peace with her past and let Chase into her life?

Review: Have you ever felt like a klutz, both physically and mentally? Everything possible is going wrong and you feel like an accident waiting to happen? That's Reese.Her father cheated on her mother, her stepfather cheated on her mother,, and her ex-fiancée cheated on her. So she has a rule,no serious relationships with any men, and definitely mo medically connected men.

The opener is great! Reese is at her sister, Monica's house for a family get together. The whole family is there and most are playing softball in the empty lot next door. Reese's turn at bat and she smacks a foul ball (and wouldn't you know it?) Right through the new neighbor's window. She goes over to apologize and interrupts his shower with her loud knocking on the door. As Chase - oooh, what a hunk! - comes to open the door, he steps on the broken window glass and cuts his foot. Reese get sick to her stomach at the sight of the blood and has to turn away. Chase is an EMT and starts caring for his wound. Reese turns around as he starts putting stitches in his own foot. She almost passes out. Chase catches her and is immediately attracted,

. What a great first impression!

Later that evening after Reese has taken her Grand home, the old lady falls, breaks her wrist and has a concussion. Guess who one of the EMTs is, You got it, Chase.

When Reese gets home her garage door won't open. What luck!. Then she gets a phone message to rush to the hospital because her grandmother has been admitted. More bad luck in her life.

After being at the hospital, she returns home to find her home on fire. Fire trucks, firemen, ambulance and EMTs are there. and guess who... Chase, of course.

She stays with her sister while her house is being repaired. Everyone, the whole family likes Chase and encourages her to attract him. Grand, Monica, her brother-in-law, the niece and nephew, and even her people hating cat likes him. They are all encouraging her to break her rule of no men, and definitely no medically connected men.

They are physically super attracted to each other and after several conversations about not wanting to be involved ( he has had a rotten experience himself) they decide to date, as FRIENDS. They date and Chase is slow to admit he is interested, even to his EMT partner. The partner is a 'player' who is after any and all women and he thinks Reese is 'hot' even if she doesn't have big boobs. What a jerk.

Reese is insecure because of past relationships. Several things happen to increase her doubts about Chase. He is good with kids, a great cook, likes he family, they like him; and he is a sexy hunk! But is he hiding anything? He seems to be working long hours and has broken some dates, when he had to cover someone else's shift.

Are events conspiring to work against this couple? Is he really a very slick cheater?

I LIKED this book. The characters act like real people with all the feelings, insecurities, doubts, and emotions that we have all felt at one time or another. The dialogue is real people talking, not like some character with unreasonable talk. The nephew's lisp was well done and cute. Sometimes I had to reread to determine what the kid was saying. For instance, "You hewe siwen?" When I finally read it out loud, I could just hear a little kid asking, You hear siren?

I liked it from the beginning to the end. There were no evil villains causing problems, just two people and their insecurities. Ms. Kimball has written a nice, sweet, believable interesting story. And yes there were some "hot" passages.


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