A Moment Out of Time by Dakota Trace

Story 7
Presentation 8.5
Total: 15.5
Publisher: Written Expressions
Contemporary Romance
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Blurb: It’s been a year since the floods had decimated Cedar Rapids, an urban city in Eastern Iowa. For Noah Martin, a firefighter and rescue worker during the floods, nothing has been the same. After losing his heart to a petite woman he’d tried to rescue, he’d been devastated when the flood waters had took her from him. He’s haunted by her memory and what could’ve been if he’d only been a little stronger, held onto her a little longer.

Unbeknownst to Noah, Alessandra “George” Georgiadis had survived the floods but the memory of her promise to him, has haunted her. She’d promised him their time together would only be a moment out of time. Even though, she longed to see the sexy firefighter once more, she’d told herself it was best this way. After all they hadn’t even exchanged more than their first names; how deep could their bond possible go?

But what will happen to her best intentions when Noah and she cross paths in the most unexpected of places? Will the love and desire they found for only a brief moment rekindle, or will Alessandra hide behind her disability?

Review: Dakota never fails to deliver a thought provoking story. A Moment Out of Time was no exception. I loved the premise of the story, loved that Fate may have had a hand in bringing together two people who needed each other.

Noah is true hero material, risking his life for others. When Alessandra is in danger, he doesn’t think of his own safety. He has a job to do. But alone, scared, she needs more from him than rescued and Noah is drawn to her. It was a poignant moment that made the rest of a somewhat unbelievable story, believable.

The connection for these two is instant and while, I don’t usually buy into the love at first glance or love after a single encounter, I think in this case, when faced with a life or death situation, two people could forge a connection.

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