Golden Lady by Roberta CM DeCaprio

Story 9
Presentation 9
Total: 18
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Spicy Historical
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Blurb: Loving someone is hard…especially if they're supposed to be your enemy!

Willow Creek, Arizona saw its share of Indian attacks. Amanda Gregory witnessed the sorrow first hand with her father's murder. Refusing Reverend Joshua Holmes' proposal, Amanda decides to stay on her farm and run it alone. When she saves Proud Eagle, a wounded Apache warrior, he wins her heart, calling her his golden lady, and Amanda's hatred of Indians begins to change. The night the Chiricahuas attack Amanda's farm, Proud Eagle helps her to escape, taking her back to his tribe to become his wife. But their love is forbidden, and Amanda finds herself fighting the biggest battle of her life . . . the right to love her enemy.

Review: This story is about a white woman and an Apache man who fall in love in the 1860s in Arizona and all conflicts they have. Proud Eagle and Amanda have to solve problems with members of both cultures. Reverend Joshua Holmes wants to marry Amanda; her Aunt Kaylene comes all the way from London to take her back to inherit an estate; Running Doe is a conniving, jealous Apache woman who will do anything to get Proud Eagle. The cavalry officer hates all Indians and captures both Amanda and Proud Eagle (at different times) and wants to kill each of them.

There was never a dull moment, this story is cram-packed full of adventure from the very first page when Amanda is covered with her father's blood and can't remember saddling her families' old horse and riding to town for help.. There are opposing Apache tribes, evil Mexicans, and bad white guys; all wanting to kill, assault, or otherwise destroy the two lovers. Ms. DeCaprio has written a classic American West romance that will keep the reader entranced, wanting to know what problem will happen next for these two to overcome.

The character's personalities are well developed. We can actually get into their minds and understand their reasons for doing what they do. This is true of even the protagonists and other secondary characters. The dialog is well written, informative , emotional, and sometimes even down-right humorous.

I enjoyed this story; I just wish I had read this one first instead of reading book II in the trilogy to start with. Book II continues with the stories of Amanda's and Proud Eagle's children. I can hardly wait to start on book III.

Any reader who likes reading romance stories about white and Indian people will thoroughly enjoy this charming tale.

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