Bannon’s Brides by Loretta C. Rogers

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Spicy Historical
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Blurb: Jail or prostitution?

Fiona Quinn chooses neither. On a wagon train bound for Oregon , the newly-contracted mail-order bride braves rattlesnakes, Indians, and depraved buffalo hunters who kidnap her. But nothing tests her mettle like Cordell Bannon, the wagon master poised to steal her heart.

Cordell Bannon signed a contract to safely deliver thirty mail-order brides to their husbands. Yet one bride stirs his emotions, threatening his oath of celibacy and making him choose between his job and his passion. Can he stand by as she marries another, or will he claim her as his bride?

Review: A great plot and even with a few minor slips it still read well and delivered with a bang.

I found the heroine’s urgent desire to become a mail order bride very realistic. My heart ached for her and many of the other women on the journey. Bannon…he worked into my heart from the start. That brooding, handsome, silent stud that you just can’t help but be drawn to.

Emotions ran free and raged through the story from a number of characters. All of them tangible and described in a way that allowed me to “feel” them along with the characters. I found the entire journey a breathless ride that was well worth the trip

Ms Rogers has done a really good job crafting and telling attention grabbing story *SNAPS*


annasmallbooks said...

I loved Bannon's Brides! You normally see mail order bride stories that focus on just one bride's journey, but this shows all the different kinds of women who ventured west. Some are looking for love and others just want a home. Besides being a steamy love story between Fiona and Cord Bannon, it's also a great story showing how the women on the journey become closer and find their true selves. The villains were as despicable as can be, and the heroes have a little taint to them, which was realistic and exciting. I highly recommend Bannon's Brides!

Anna Small, author of Tame the Wild Wind, from The Wild Rose Press

Loretta C. Rogers said...

I've just returned home from vacation. Finding this wonderful review of BANNON'S BRIDES was the icing on the cake. Many thanks to the reviewer for her wonderful comments. And, too, Anna Small for reading the book and posting equally wonderful comments. You have both made my day!

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