Power Struggle by Kelly Jamieson

Story 8.5
Presentation 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary BDSM
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Blurb: Tori is the vice president of her company. Her career is all about being in charge, solving problems, making decisions. But in the bedroom she likes to give up control. She likes to be taken to the edge, likes the heady pleasure of pain, likes how it sets her free.

Dev is a physician. In his career, he has sworn to do no harm and was taught that raising a hand to a woman is wrong. And he is nearly a decade younger than Tori.

The attraction between Tori and Dev is more than just physical-they both feel a connection of spirit. They begin a relationship that seems to work despite their age difference. But when Tori reveals what she really wants in bed, Dev's not sure if he has it in him to give it to her. And Tori isn't sure she can have a relationship with someone who can't accept her for who she is. It's a power struggle.

Review: Initially I thought Power Struggle was going to be like many other BDSM stories I’ve read. A little kink, a bit of fun, tie me up and spank me, tell me what to do and I’m yours kind of story. Wow! Put away the cookie cutter BDSM stories because Power Struggle takes typical BDSM to a new level. Yes, there is all the great titillating kink, but the way Ms. Jamieson took me into the story was personal and emotional. Dev and Tori’s thoughts, motivations and actions are intimately revealed. The slightest shift in thinking had monumental influence on the way they responded to each other. Both with flaws and struggles that made them real. Both with fears and expectations and not sure how to ask the other for what they wanted. Secondary characters added to the flavor but didn’t diminish what was happening between Tori and Dev. So Kelly, will we get a story for Gabe? If so I’ll be first in line for a copy!

The story is crammed full of deliciously naughty sex. Each encounter brings on new revelations for both Tori and Dev. The character growth in the story makes this book one to add to your must read pile. If you love BDSM with an emotional connection to the bondage, Dom/sub play, than this is a book for you.

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Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my book. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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