A Thin Line by Emma Hillman

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: eXcessica
Contemporary Rubenesque
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Blurb: Kate finds herself locked up in her apartment building’s laundry room. It’s the middle of the night and there’s a man with her. Which would be the great start of a horror movie, except this is real and thankfully the man isn’t that bad. Actually, he’s quite nice. Oh, and hot. He’s a neighbor she’s seen a few times, the playboy with the golden looks. And as they find themselves sitting increasingly closer in an effort not to freeze to death, hands bump into parts of her body that haven’t been touched in years.

It could have stopped at that: one night of pleasure, albeit in a weird location. Except it doesn’t. Even though she knows Jace has another girlfriend, she still opens her door to him every night. He is addictive. And sometimes, he’s even nice. But what happens when the drama finally takes its toll and she bars her door to him?

Review: Ms. Hillman writes sexy prose with humor and heat. Flawed characters that find themselves in naughty situations but make the best of the situation and for me, as I read I’m as turned on as the characters. Well, A Thin Line is no exception. The opening pages were smokin’. I loved Kate and thought Jace sounded like a dream in the dark.

But then Jace becomes a real prick and I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy the rest of the story. Kate tries to be strong and withstand his charms, but he keeps worming his way back into her bed.

Eventually she decides she won’t be used for sex anymore…and that’s when there began to be glimpses of chivalry in Jace. About the time I would have given up on him, he begins to realize what he’ll lose if he loses Kate. But there is risk in having the woman he wants. He might have to give up everything he’s worked hard to build in his career. Or maybe having the woman he loves will give him the confidence to succeed.

Ms. Hillman has a style and flavor to her writing that really appeals to me. The words slip off the page and sink right into my psyche. I feel her story as I read and that’s a gift she brings to her work. I’m a fan and await the next titillating tale.

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Emma Hillman said...

I think I love you :)

Thanks again for the great comments. Not eveyone liked A Thin Line but it's always intriguing to see readers' thoughts. There's a thin line between love and hate, and I think Jace and Kate are proof of it.

Thanks again!

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