Skateboarders by Kenn Dahll

Story: 7
Presentation: 7
Total: 14
Publisher: eXcessica
Gay Contemporary
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Blurb: "Sex, attractive young men, sex, skateboards, sex, and drugs.” These are the ingredients for this erotic chronicle of Andy, the voyeur, and the skaterbois.

Andy’s unique living arrangement, a one-bedroom loft apartment in a waterfront warehouse, allows him to spy on the three skateboarders at play. He quickly decides they are hot, attractive, young and athletic. They are also horny as he finds out when Slick, the oldest skaterboi and apparent leader of the trio, approaches him at the gate to his inner sanctum with a blatant sexual proposal.

In a couple of weeks Andy and the three boarders are regularly fooling around with each other in pairs, threesomes and all four together. Their sexual romps are dampened when Slick and Rico couple up and declare themselves to be in a monogamous relationship. Andy and Johnny, the youngest and wisest of the bois, continue a no-strings-attached relationship, fooling around with each other; and, individually or together, with any attractive male they can seduce into the loft.

Slick’s infidelity triggers Rico’s emotional and physical collapse. The Latino skateboarder descends into a hell of drug abuse and sexual depravity which leads him to offer his body to all takers until he collapses and is hospitalized. Slick, Andy and Johnny stage an intervention and, using the curative power of sex, rescue their friend and lover.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, m/m sex including oral/anal contact, and sex with multiple partners.

Review: Yowza. This story is page after page of delicious manlove. Hot, sexy, sticky and oh so graphic. I love the dirty boys and Skateboarders is a smorgasbord of young hot bois ready for anything. There really wasn’t a plot to this book. This was more of a glimpse into young adults—with time on their hands—experimenting with sexuality. There were poignant moments toward the end and the characters became even more endearing.

However, while the story was titillating with copious amounts of hot sex, there were some issues. The main glitch for me was the switching between past tense and present tense. Even so, this was still an entertaining story.

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