Nebulous by Shiloh Walker

Story: 5
Presentation: 9
Total: 14
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
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Blurb: Seven hundred years have passed since Azar’s birth. A demon-born incubus, his survival depends on women. Although he doesn’t remember all of his mortal life, he does remember his lost love…Caoilinn.

But he begins to dream of another woman. And demons do not dream. She rekindles the embers of his lost humanity and makes him yearn for things he cannot have.

Kerrigan dreams of Azar as well, and one night, while he watches her, she whispers his name. A name she can’t possibly know.

A name that will summon a demon…

Publisher’s Note: Previously released in the Myth-behavin’ anthology.

Reader Advisory: Story contains a wee bit of forced sex.

Review: Nebulous was a great concept but the execution fell flat for me. The story begins with Kerrigan, but about the time I was really interested and ready for her and Azar to come together, she disappeared from the story. We moved back in time and the connection between the past and present, for me, was lost in translation. Caoilinn becomes the heroine within the book (Kerrigan in a past life). The story is repeated through several retelling of events and becomes confusing. I kept reading hoping that in the end, all the disconnected pieced would fall into place and I’d love the story as I have loved so many other of Ms. Walker’s stories. But the ending was easy, like waking up from a bad dream, the past seven hundred years was wiped away. Oh wait that’s what happened.

On the positive side. Shiloh Walker is an amazing author, giving detailed descriptions, engaging dialog, and memorable characters. For me, this one just didn’t come together.

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