Dangerous Intentions by Anna Leigh Keaton

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Erotic Contemporary
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Blurb: Doctor Shelly Newman lives a quiet life in Cooper Valley as the only physical therapist in town. Her safe little world takes a turn, though, when she realizes the sweet notes being left for her are from a stalker.

The bright spots in her week, and also her most frustrating, are when she works with retired Master Sergeant Pete Dexler. He’s rude, he’s stubborn, but he has a softer, vulnerable side that attracts her. And he’s the only one she can turn to when her world crumbles around her and the stalker starts moving in for the kill.

Review: Ahhhh. Yeah, that was what I needed. Another dose from Ms Keaton :)

I am always amazed at what I read from this author. She never fails to grab me in her stories :) Full of emotion, plot, great characters and HOT sex :) Is it any wonder she is on my must read list? Not to me :)

This story was no exception. A broody, hot Marine (yummy). A woman who just can't stop her attraction (who would want to). And a gut clenching stalker bit that will keep you wondering who it is. Hell, I finger a few different folks through the story as the stalker. In the end everything smooths out and I was left...*sigh* yeah  it was great.

Ms Keaton? If you have anymore like Pete...Can I have one?

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