Communion by Mallory Path

Story: 4
Presentation: 9
Total: 13
Publisher: eXcessica
BDSM, Gay Male
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Blurb: Tig, Vincent, Patrick, Colin, and Justin are long-time friends, but even the best of friends have secrets. Revelations can bring people closer, or tear them apart. That's the chance Tig took when he confessed his desire for D/s intimacy to Vincent, Patrick and Colin. It has led to a very satisfying arrangement among them, although they've kept their relationship and BDSM activities from Justin.

Now the time has come for Tig to risk himself again: with the others' help and support, he's ready to bring his desires to Justin, along with a confession of love.

Since taking up with Patrick and Colin, Vincent has seen and done more than he imagined possible, and he thought he knew what they were all getting into—but after tonight, nothing will ever be the same between these five friends.

Warnings: This title contains explicit gay male sex, polyamorous relationships/multiplesomes (twosome, threesome, fivesome), D/s and mild bondage.

Review: Communion, for me, was confusing from the opening pages. Too many characters without enough distinctness to differentiate who was doing what to whom. Descriptions didn’t set the scene for me and I found the story difficult to follow. There were moments that the words were beautifully strung together, reading like literature or poetry. But sadly not enough to garner a stronger view of the story. This one just didn’t work for me.

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