Bridleton by Becky Barker

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Cerridewen Press
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Blurb: Andrea Bartell is an international model whose jet-set lifestyle has kept her from her Texas home for five years. Noah Courtland is the man she left behind after a bitter breakup. He’s the manager in charge of her beloved Bridleton, an extensive Bartell property that’s at the heart of their emotional warfare.

A family emergency brings Andrea home and forces her to work with Noah. Neither of them wants to rekindle the flames of their relationship yet they find their desire hasn’t diminished. It still burns hotly, forcing them to re-explore the pain and heartache. The unveiling of old secrets and promises could save their relationship or it could destroy any chance of a future.

Review: Drea (Andrea) comes home to help rescue the ranch . She is a model known around the World. When she gets to the ranch, her long-ago lover is managing the ranch and living in the house. Their's is a bittersweet reunion with many problems to overcome.and misunderstandings to clear away.

The ranch is in a desperate financial condition. The 80 year old aunt who has lived there and taken care of things while Drea , her brother and sister have been away now has heart problems and can no longer handle the work. Drea has decisions to make. Will she give up the ranch to continue her modeling career or give up the modeling career when she is at the top to manage the ranch? Will she give up the man back east who shows up unexpectedly?

This story has all the elements of a wonderful romantic story. Two men are involved with the leading lady. The local hero has his own woman.The brother and sister are great supporting characters. Aunt Nana is wonderful.Of course, the ranch house with its swimming pool, the barns, the horses, the beautiful scenery all add to the romantic setting. It seems like the only way Noah and Andrea can communicate is physically, and, boy, do they ever communicate.

The story is well written with many romantic and imaginative love scenes. It was great and I stayed up well past my bedtime because I just HAD to finish it before I went to sleep.


Janie Mason said...

Bridleton is on my to be read list. Makes me want to skip my homework and read it now!

Lori Foster aka L. L. Foster said...

Wow, great review, and beautiful cover!
Kudos to Becky!

Lori Foster

Elysa said...

Sounds like a fabulous story. Can't wait to read it.
Elysa Hendricks

Donna MacMeans said...

i'm always satisfied when I read a Becky Barker romance and your review makes this sound like one I'll have to pick up. Nice cover!

Kat Sheridan said...

Definitely on my TBR list! This sounds wonderful!

Sierra Dafoe said...

What a great review, Becky! I love reunion stories :-)

-- Sierra

Marcia James said...

I just got a Nook e-reader, and this looks like the perfect e-book to be my first purchase for the Nook. I can't wait to read it!

-- Marcia James ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love the sound of this book! Great review. Definitely going on my TBR list!!
~Paige :)

Saralee said...

Wow! I know Becky creates beautifully emotional love stories, so I'm glad to hear there's a new one for me to read!

Marilyn Jaye Lewis said...

What a nice review!! It sounds like a beautiful book. -- Marilyn

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