South Seas Adventure By Kenn Dahll

Story: 7
Presentation: 7
Total: 14
Publisher: eXcessica
Gay Male Contemporary
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Blurb: This is the first of three short stories featuring sun, sea, sand, sex, and love that comprise Subtropical Trilogy. In South Sea Adventure a horny cruise ship passenger strays from the touristy pig roast on a tropical island, falls asleep under a sacred tree and encounters a sexy young native man. Upon returning to the village, he discovers the truth of his experience and its implications for himself and the encounter's younger brother.

Warnings: This title contains m/m sex.

Review: A little adventure in paradise. I found this to be a fun little tease. I groaned along with Mike and smiled as he slipped away for a private moment—taking his pleasure in hand--literally. However, his private moment soon becomes a hot encounter with an island dream.

There is a lot of action packed into this little story. The sex was crass yet gritty. The descriptions are graphic and hot, but not at all flowery. So this story is for those who like getting down and dirty. Hot man on man sex with a bit of story sprinkled in and an ending to leave you with a smile.

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