Savage Cravings by Marie March

Story: 5
Presentation: 6
Total: 11
Publisher: eXcessica
Paranormall Vampire
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Blurb: Vampire, Viggo Derevenko rules many. When he desires to fuck and feed he need only make a selection from the stable of women and men maintained for his pleasure. Yet, he's bored. The one woman he seeks remains elusive and has for centuries, until now.

Dayna, Earth daughter of Danu, knows death could be imminent though claims only one regret; having never known the carnal pleasures of sex. Goddess knows she never intended to die a virgin.

Miraculously, she regains her senses and is shocked to discover a long, cool finger toying with her plump nipple; another creature watching from the shadows waiting to join in, as well as an overwhelming urge to fuck.

Fortunately for her, a mysterious vampire with ethereal turquoise eyes and a huge cock is eager to explore her sexual impulses. He knows her blood and cum will be an elixir, an orgiastic feast for the senses.

However, the Beast lurking within Viggo is plotting to initiate Dayna into Its violent, sexual web. Will Dayna be able to contain the Beast lurking within Viggo, or will she become yet another victim of his savage cravings.

Warnings: This title contains anal sex, m/m, threesome, bisexual, explicit language and situations.

Review: I liked it, but I didn’t love it. Although I think I could have had the author spent more time with the story. I love short stories but not at the sacrifice of good storytelling. The story starts with a great premise. I loved how Viggo stumbles upon Dayna and instantly knows what she is and that she’s his. I love the inner beast and the feeding. The blood. The sex. All edgy, graphic and different. But then the story took a hard turn that just didn’t work for me. I wish the story had ended after the resolution between Viggo and Dayna. With the addition of the m/m element, the story “jumped the shark”.

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