Soul Seduction by Charisma Knight

Story: 6 Presentation: 6
Total: 12
Publisher: Eirelander Publishing
Erotic Paranormal
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Blurb: Patience is a virtue -- especially if you're waiting for your soul mate's rebirth.

Vampire Angelus Cronen loved, lusted for and inevitably lost his true soul mate over two centuries ago. She was the beautiful slave, Vivienne, who set his body on fire and branded her name on his soul. He was told to have patience during the long years that separated him from her resurrection. His lust only grew to have her in his arms again. His dark soul's deepest desire was to bring her spirit once more under his control.

First he has to conquer the dard side of his spirit, the beast within who can and will destroy his soul mate with the least provocation.

Seduction can lead him to a love meant to last eternity or force him to murder.

Review: You know, there are times when I read a book and everything is there but something is still missing.

This one had good characters, plot, motivation and drive. Hot sex and passion. But I felt like I wasn't getting it all. All of the story, all of the characters. There were some issues with the editing that I felt should have been addressed. The author did a good job in the crafting of the tale but there were times when the story read a little funny due to the overuse of first names in some places. There were a few spots when the incorrect word was uesd, but this should have all been caught with the editing.

Ms Knight is an author that I would like to read more from before making a final decision about her placement on my must read list.

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