Constant in Love by Elayne S. Venton

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Erotic Historical
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Blurb: Stranded at an inn near Gretna Green, Miss Cassandra Briggs is without funds, without a chaperone, without her virtue. To add to her humiliation, her faux pas is discovered by the ruggedly handsome rogue, Mr. Philip Masterson.

Philip has been Cassie’s friend for years. What he really wants is to tie her to his bed. The time has come to claim the woman. Now ruined, Cassandra is willing to settle for a courtesan’s life and Philip is willing to take her as his mistress. In each other’s arms, however, neither is ready to settle for anything less than love.

But love is inconstant…and a woman will protect her heart at all costs.
Review: Finding a historically set short story – one that can pull it off – isn’t easy. Happily, Ms. Venton wrote a story that not only swept me away to England, but she left a smile on my face and a flutter in my tummy. This is a quickie, so I expect the story to move fast. No time to give a lot of fluff when cramming a lot of passion into the pages.

Cassie is reckless, naïve, ruined, a bit of a brat. And I liked her for it. I tire of typical heroines and I found her to be a breath of fresh air. I could easily overlook her jumping from one man’s bed to another. The author gives us so much insight to her thinking, that I started feeling somewhat sorry for Cassie. It made it easy to cheer for her when she claims what she wants—Philip.

And as the blurb describes, Philip has a special place in his heart for Cassie. I ached for him and yet he’s the quintessential historical hero. He’s sexy, but has a stubborn streak. His prowess in bed is toe curling and left me squirming on my chair. This is a perfect quickie for any historical lover. The roles are a bit switched, in that Philip is more true to his love for Cassie and Cassie is a bit of a female rake. She likes sex! Sounds fun doesn’t it. Read the story. It is.

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