Laugh For Me by Colin

Story: 4
Presentation: 5
Total: 9
Publisher: eXcessica
BDSM, Contemporary
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Blurb: Cara is a lovely woman with a slightly embarrassing weakness: the thought of being bound and mercilessly tickled terrifies her, yet also arouses her like nothing else in the world. Her dominant lover Brion is well aware of her secret and exploits it through delicious mind-games and torturous bondage/tickling sessions. One day lunch with a friend leads Cara to a forbidden indulgence; she knows her punishment will be severe, and spends the afternoon barefoot in penance. The pleasures of a day without shoes is a feast for a sensual girl like Cara, but Brion is waiting at home with his bonds and tickle-tools. Before he's done, poor Cara will be singing arias of laughter and passion, begging her lover for a release no feather could provide…

Warnings: This title contains some graphic language, male dominance, bare feet and intense tickling!

Review: Laugh for Me was a little all over the place for me. The setup didn’t really have a purpose. Cara hears a woman laughing in a restaurant but we never do find out why. Not really a bad thing except a lot of the story takes place in the restaurant and this laugh is the foundation for the story. The blurb talks about a forbidden indulgence and a punishment for that indulgence. A little bit of a spoiler here. It’s a cigarette, which makes her take off her shoes and walk around barefoot. I guess I just didn’t know where the author was coming from or where I was supposed to go with this story. I didn’t find it arousing and the tickling fetish was lost in the non-consequential clutter of the story.

Presentation score is low for numerous formatting issues. The cover is great.

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